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2010 Quilt Show Results

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Wild Goose Chase 2010 Quilt Show


Many Thanks to Our Co-Chairs

(Elaine Wallace, Peggy Floyd, Vicky Nicolas)

Our Wonderful Featured Quilters

(Allyson Baldwin & Cynthia Spethman)  




Themed Raffle Quilt Winner

Jeanne Werner, a Missoula quilter

Featherweight Sewing Machine Winner

Susan Erickson, a Corvallis long arm quilter

Below are the Results of the 2010 Wild Goose Chase Quilt Show.  There were 33 categories, so please be sure to scroll down to view all the winners. 


Geneva Award for Outstanding Quilt

White on White Wedding Quilt by Luceile Kempner (hand quilted)


100 Theme - All Others

1st Place -Flying Geese by Myrna Nyberg

2nd Place -Spring Garden by Carol Thomas

3rd Place -Licorice All Sorts by Bonnie Moon


200 Theme - Wall Hanging (Max 144" Perimeter)

1st Place - In a Pickle by Calli Baker

2nd Place - Wild Goose Chase by Vicky Nicholas

3rd Place - Land of the Free by Jolene Ellerton


300 Log Cabin

1st Place - Folk Art Freedom Fall Log Cabin by Cindy Thiel

2nd Place - Eureka by Mary Spatzierath

3rd Place - Horray for Halloween by Marguerite Shattuck


400 Nine Patch

1st Place - Friends and Fabrics by Betsy Odegard

2nd Place - Being Wendy Norgaard by Unknown

3rd Place - Woven Lace by Michelle Baker


500 Art Quilts/Original designs Large (Over 144" Perimeter)

1st Place - Sidewalk Scene in Provence by Ellie Malloch

2nd Place - Snail Trail by Karen Burton by Karen Burton

3rd Place - Abby and the Dragonflies by Ellie Malloch


600 Art Quilts/Original designs Small (Under 144" Perimeter)

1st Place - Silky & Sunny by Karen Burton

2nd Place - Why Not Sashiko:  He Went in Selvege Studio by Martha Robertson

3rd Place - Welcome to My Website by Karen Burton


700 Other Techniques

1st Place - Twilight Tree by Heidi Bakula

2nd Place - Kate's Quilt by Vicky Nicholas

3rd Place - Pumpkins Prayer of Thanksgiving by Rachel Wells


800 Appliqué - Machine

1st Place - Bodacious by Bonnie Moon

2nd Place - Ricky's Quilt by Susie Luchau

3rd Place - Let's Go, Go, Go! by Jeanne Brown


900 Pieced - Twin (63" X 87") Approximate

1st Place - Stars Over the Mountains by Susan Stadler

2nd Place - My Sister's Sampler Quilt by Kathy Murphy

3rd Place - Winter's Coming by Rose Rademan


1000 Scrap

1st Place - London Bridge by Chris Milodragovich

2nd Place - Dishtowel Quilt by Peggy Floyd

3rd Place - Burgoyne Surround by Jolene Ellerton


1100 Wools

1st Place - Fresh Cut by Cindy Thiel

2nd Place - Festival of Trees by Peggy Floyd

3rd Place - Picasso Pup Pillow by Rachel Wells


1200 Pieced - Queen/King (84" X 92" or Larger)

1st Place - Eureka, Its Done by Heidi Bakula

2nd Place - Bloomin Nine Patch by Jean Baumann

3rd Place - Colorwash Irish Chain by Peggy Holt


1300  Baby Quilts for Boys & Girls

1st Place - Lola by Jeanne Brown

2nd Place - Just Ducky by Kathy Murphy

3rd Place - Alphabet Critters III by Sandy Eisinger


1400 Bags & Baskets

1st Place - Rachel's Zippered Tote by Rachel Wells

2nd Place - Black Tie Affair - Bow Tucks Tote by Jean Sautter

3rd Place - Victorian Tote by Rose Rademan


1500 Clothing

1st Place - Japanese-inspired Green Quilted Jacket by Robin Hall

2nd Place - Just for You - A Perfect Jacket by Darlene Miller

3rd Place - Reversible Sampler Vest by Emily Dix


1600 Classes & Workshops

1st Place - 4th of July by Wendy Norgaard

2nd Place -  Mystery Quilt '09 Cabin Fever Quilt Guild by Hiroko Nichols

3rd Place - Autumn Leaves by Myrna Nyberg

3rd Place - Binary Stars I & II by Sandy Eisinger


1700 Round & Row Robin

1st Place - Honu by Michelle Baker

2nd Place - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by Karen Winther

3rd Place - 2009 O.W.O.B. Row Robin by Arlyce J. Stroh

3rd Place - Round Robin by Kathy Murphy

3rd Place - Sunbonnet Kitty by Catharine Clayton



1800 Pieced - Full 78" X 87") Approximate

1st Place - Nighttime Neighbors by Leona Hastings

2nd Place - Winter Wonderland by Carol Thomas

3rd Place - Cheddar and Cream by Judy Linhart


1900 Medallions

1st Place - Angela's Quilt by Peggy Floyd

2nd Place - Afternoon Tea by Donna Allendorf

3rd Place - My Fair Quilt by Donna Allendorf


2000 Machine Quilted - Other Than Long Arm

1st Place - Jacobean Lilies by Rachel Wells

2nd Place - Polka Dots Say It All by Pat Cross-Chamberlin

3rd Place - Spring Dreams by Robin Hall


2100 Wall Hangings, Small (81" Min To144" Max Perimeter)

1st Place - A Howlin Good Time by Heidi Bakula

2nd Place - Victorian Vision by Diane Wagner

3rd Place - Spring  Retreat Flowers by Peggy Floyd


2200 Wall Hangings, Miniature (Max 80" Perimeter)

1st Place - Ohio Stars by Martha Wolfersberger

2nd Place - Painted Desert by Vicky Nicholas

3rd Place - School Girl's Puzzle by Martha Wolfersberger


2300 Wall Hangings, Large (Over 144" Perimeter, but under Lap Size)

1st Place - Breezy Butterflies by Rachel Wells

1st Place - Stained Glass for Barb by Sue Wehmeyer

2nd Place - Autumn Song by Betsy Odegard

3rd Place - Memoirs of a Geisha by Sandy Eisinger


2500 Exchange Groups

1st Place - Garden Cats by Luanne Felstet

2nd Place - Best Friends by Jeanne Brown


3rd Place - Log Cabin in the Mountains by Peggy Floyd



1st Place - Snowmen A to Zzz by Joyce Strack

2nd Place - The Night Before Christmas by Joyce Strack

3rd Place - Ride with the Witches by Calli Baker


2700 Appliqué - Hand

1st Place - Tulips in the Garden by Fran Turner

2nd Place - Love Knots by Jean Baumann

3rd Place - Jaqueline's Baskets by Rose Rademan


2800 Hand Quilted

1st Place - White on White Wedding Quilt by Luceile Kempner

2nd Place - My Dollies by Marguerite Shattuck

3rd Place - Teal We Meet Again by Cathy Stanke


2900 Stars

1st Place - Remembering:  Belle's Star by Peggy Holt

2nd Place - Mosaic Star by Vi Olson

3rd Place - Magic Maze by


3000 Triangles/Diamonds

1st Place - Vintage Moments by Jeanne Brown

2nd Place - Star-gazing by Julie Bloomdahl

3rd Place - Do Not Attempt This at Home by Martha Robertson


3100 Paper-pieced

1st Place - Celebration Quilt! by Kathy Allen

2nd Place - Bubbles at the Lawrence Welk Concert by Chris Milodragovich

3rd Place - Skittles & Lime by Rose Rademan


3200 Pieced - Lap (48" X 60") Approximate

1st Place - Peace Garden by Catharine Claytor

2nd Place - Summer Star by Rachel Wells

3rd Place - Great American Apple Pie Quilt by Jeanne Brown

3rd Place - Fabulous Chickens with Aprons


3300 Home Décor - Table runners, Pillows, Placemats

1st Place - Chicken Shaman by Sue Wehmeyer

2nd Place - Tea in the Garden by Linnea Eversole

3rd Place - Pumpkin Patch by Connie Wining



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